Who are we?

We are a large federal scale trading company with more than 20 years of experience, with developed infrastructure and a unique business system.

Our goal

We create on opportunity to form the best market offers - products. By analyzing global trends, we satisfy the current needs of customers anticipate their desires and offering the best only.

Representation and Distribution

We appreciate and are proud of our mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners and suppliers, whose interests and products we have been representing for many years on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the EU Countries and China

Our product portfolio includes both commodity and confectionery, grocery products from around the world. The quality and taste of our assortment meet stringent international requirements.

How do we work?

We develop individual, progressive advanced management models. That effectively control and manage processes in all the sales channels. All this significantly reducing the cost of entering the market and movement of goods in channels, while maximizing profits for our suppliers, manufacturers and end consumers.

Our assortment

Our range is quite wide and includes a variety of categories. Our main products are confectionery, but we also provide the market with exchange products, groceries and fruit and canned food.

We are the official representatives of several large manufactures. Through to our business model brands recognizable and loved by customers.

The constantly growing market share of product groups or brands that we represent is evidence of the effective work of our specialists is

Our market share of Confectionery is more than 4% and this is only within the framework of one brand "Kommunarka".

We constantly help our partners ' Brands develop and launch new projects of our partners from other countries on the territory of the Russian Federation and beyond.

Our advantages. What are you getting?

What are you getting?

We carry out targeted introduction of the product into the market, excluding uncontrolled dispersion. We provide target launch of the product.

Our capabilities will provide easy market entering for your product. It is provided by direct contracts with key players in the FMCG market (large national and retail chains); effective distribution in the traditional trade channel and full marketing support. Marketing complex: product marketing, trade marketing, promotion strategies using a wide range of ATL and BTL tools.

Efficiency is achieved by the coordinated work of specially created supervising teams. Only proven and effective complexes of measures are used for each sales channel.




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